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Client Engagements

I have had the pleasure of working with some of the world's most successful leaders and enterprises.
Below are some of the companies I've worked with recently, and examples of the services I provided.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements, please feel free to connect with me.

The Hippodrome Casino, London - Pinnaca - the World Research Centre -

King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre - 123Send - Ladycare Menopause Ltd -

AECC University College - Ceuta Group - Ellis Jones Solicitors - Mandarin Consulting -

M&I Materials - The Colour Works - TDSi - The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants - - Nutrition Group PLC - Whitford Worldwide - the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra - TechWorks - Qualcomm - ebmpapst - The President of the USA (Barrack Obama) - Microsoft

 and Microsoft Ventures - the Home Office, Cabinet Office and NHS, UK Government

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A local government housing authority improved internal and external service metrics based on a single leadership workshop involving a unique mix of presentation and discussion, interspersed with performances by a world-class string quartet. Participants found this to be a highly engaging, memorable format. However, Dr Dave usually performs without musical backing!

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A subsidiary of a global technology manufacturer achieved >20% sales growth (£10m above target) after only six monthly workshops focused on improving leadership team cohesion. Growth resulted from greater consistency in complex, multifunctional communications with customers.

A startup within a multinational telecommunications firm conducted a series of away days and mentoring, resulting in the transformation of the business from a money-losing hardware provider to a software and hardware provider with 80% gross margins.

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Product Innovation



The leadership team of a financial services firm developed a strategic plan in a single ‘away day’ workshop, including a powerfully motivational mission statement, a clear and compelling vision for success, specific goals, measurable objectives and KPIs, clear value propositions tied to key offerings, plans for stakeholder engagement, plus a balanced scorecard and strategic map.

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A mature, declining business unit won a $600m contract, and grew turnover by 67% in a single year, as a direct result of a turnaround strategy formulated during six months of stakeholder interviews, focus groups and workshops.



A data analytics firm packaged and developed, through 6 workshops, a much clearer, more concise and compelling core value proposition to pitch their expertise and technology capabilities, leading to a strategic partnership with the world’s largest marketing group of companies.


Clarifying Purpose

 A 40-person team developed, in a single workshop, a powerful new unifying mission statement that everyone felt strong ownership of, as well as individual missions, leading to measurably improved productivity and working across what had formerly been organizational silos.


Brand & Business Model Innovation

A collection of online and bricks-and-mortar companies involved in most aspects of human capital management sought a unifying brand, business model and growth strategy – all created based on a series of interviews, focus groups, online surveys, and competitive analyses. Within months, the company was acquired by a global player wanting to use the new brand.

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Powering Innovation

Many CEOs and other leaders have gained invaluable insights and guidance on how to create more value within their enterprises, as delivered to and experienced by customers, through a strategic framework and model for leading innovation, and for improving innovation culture and capabilities within leadership teams and wider organizations.

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Service Excellence

A medical practice included all 45 staff in a 2 hour workshop that led to immediately reconfiguring  their reception-waiting area, empowering non-medical staff to use greater discretion to book urgent appointments, and creating a palpable enthusiasm among all staff for improving patient experience. The improvements led to measurably improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.



A law firm engaged all staff in a series of facilitated group discussions which helped everyone realize they have a role in marketing and ‘selling’ the value provided by the firm to its clients, and cross-selling client services. The workshops led to sustained increases in sales, profits and regional market leadership.


Cultural Transformation

A major hospital with a highly diverse 7,000 person workforce achieved measurable improvements in productivity, patient safety and experience, staff morale and reduced staff turnover, resulting from training focused on strategy, leadership, change management, communications, and personal effectiveness.



A chemical manufacturer facing new, stiffer competition, and therefore flat growth in its UK home market, developed during 9 half day workshops, a highly successful niche strategy to take on a US-based global player and emerging Chinese competition, successfully entering the US and other markets and profitably growing the business.


Business Improvement

A mobile payments company achieved a 50% increase in valuation and a successful exit (trade sale) based on six months of engagement, focusing on strategic leadership, improved engagement of people within the business, financial management, and innovation.

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