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​​​​​Our clients achieve growth of sales, market share, profits, enterprise valuations, people, skills, leaders and collective capacity of their organisations to create and deliver value to customers and other stakeholders. The three main ways Dr Dave his global network of Associates help to drive growth are (1) brilliant strategies, (2) improved psychology, culture and engagement of key people, and (3) innovation leadership.

Brilliant strategies drive success! Dr Dave facilitates development and implementation of winning strategies based on all the latest and best thinking and methods – and extensive practical experience leading successful strategies for new market penetration and growth, business model digitalization, globalization, turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, and exits. Been there, done it, got the t-shirt! 

     "Dr Dave came to help us develop our strategy. We thought we knew what we were doing, but he made us think, question our assumptions and
      then think some more. We ended up with a set of concrete and challenging actions that will take us into a different league - all steered with affable
      and laid back professionalism. A stimulating, pleasant and value-adding experience.” Managing Director

     "I hired Dave to assist with redefining our strategic plan and marketing strategy. We were 4 years in after a management buyout and we'd accomplished

      all the goals we'd set to turn the business around. We were at the stage of defining "where do we go from here?" and Dave was instrumental in pulling us

      away from the coal face and challenging us to push on to the next level. Dave's insight and coaching style ensured that the project was very productive

      and fun. We've developed our new plan and are now putting this into practice." Managing Director

     "Dr Dave brings a refreshingly objective view to analysis of your company's position and its future utilizing a significant personal experience in the 
      commercial environment. If you want to reinvigorate your enthusiasm and belief in your business then give Dr Dave an opportunity to help you." CEO

     "Dr Dave has been working with my business developing a new strategy. The process and results have been outstanding, given many more results will  

      accrue longer term. Initially skeptical he could add more value to a business that is already vibrant, he confounded us. The new ideas, business model,

      innovations and processes have taken us far further in a short space of time than any amount of incremental improvements could have done over a three

      year period. I strongly recommend any SME looking for growth, innovation and strategic leadership contact Dr Dave to see what he can do for you. Most

      of us are limited in our thinking about what’s possible; he dispels all that, and gets you to see the whole world as your market, and how to access it!  

      Business Owner

Effective cultural psyche fuels growth! When the people working within an enterprise, and the other stakeholders are engaged effectively, growth is an inevitable result. Dr Dave is a PhD Psychologist with an impressive track record of improving online and digital engagement, leadership development, team building, creative conflict, improved communication and relationships, creativity, cultural change and transformation, motivation and attitude management, enhanced customer analysis, engagement and experience of value, and the use of psychometric assessments for recruitment, promotion, and other aspects of HR management.  

     "Dr Dave is probably the most accomplished business psychologist in the world. He pioneered user needs and customer value psychology, and    

      designed systems to track customer perceptions and predict buying behaviour and loyalty. He has an amazing ability to get into the head of the 

      customer, and use that perspective to improve how we market and sell. We enjoyed a step change, 50% growth in one month, simply by doing a better

      job explaining our offerings on social media, our website and brochures. We’ve not looked back and wish we had met Dr Dave a lot sooner!” CEO

     "I approached Dr Dave, based on the recommendation of a friend, hoping he might help improve cohesion within my team of Directors. The results were  

      astounding. After 6 months of working with Dr Dave, our sales increased by over 20% in a flat market. Digging into it, it seemed the growth was due to

      increased buyer confidence that buying from us is always the right decision. Our customers were now getting more consistent messages during the sales

      process, which typically involves communication with different functions within our organization. This apparently resulted from improved communication

      and cohesion within the leadership team, which spread to wider organisation. Overall, the results have been brilliant and exceeded my initial

      expectations. Dr Dave helped us achieve a higher functioning board and organization!" Managing Director

     "Our firm was in difficulty, with low morale, poor performance and mounting debts. Within six months of Dr Dave engaging the partners and all staff in

      creative discussion groups and training on service excellence and leadership, we dramatically improved how we felt and acted, regained our position as

      the regional market leader, and restored profitability. Two years on, we’re still going from strength to strength.” Managing Partner

      "Dr Dave and his colleagues tacked a difficult subject matter with very good process and focus. Deep expertise with research methodologies and 
      understanding of psychometrics, motivations throughout the value chain, and service usability. Knows how to create the climate for innovation and 
      value creation. Good to work with. I recommend Dave highly for consulting engagements."  Venture Capitalist

Innovation leadership builds value! Dr Dave’s definition of innovation is based on return on investment – the creation of new value relative to the value invested in the creation process. His experience leading strategic innovations, including commercializing the early internet, and achieving global competitive leadership in data communications directly resulted in many $ Billions of shareholder value. As a cofounder and lifetime member of the MIT Innovation Lab, he knows the secret sauces and recipes needed to maximize creativity, and successfully take ideas to reality. Dr Dave has successfully helped a wide variety of organizations to innovate – in areas such as digital engagement, e-commerce, technology manufacturing, fintech, legal and financial services, healthcare, public sector, education technology, and social enterprises.

     "I have known Dave Richards over twenty years. I have observed close-hand his outstanding command of the material. Both theoretical material and

      more importantly the practicalities of innovation. His new book shows the power of his perspective, brilliantly. The Seven Sins of Innovation elevates the

      thinking on this crucial subject to the highest level. It sets Dave’s book alongside the best writing on this subject anywhere.” Chief Strategy Officer

     “Dave's views on innovation and strategy have proved invaluable to a number of our clients.  In addition, his considerable real world view and vast

      experience means that he has a unique perspective that only a very few could offer. Working with Dave is always an enjoyable experience.” MD

     “Dave Richards brings a unique perspective to the ongoing saga of human enterprise. In our competitive world of innovate, adapt, or die, falling one step

      behind is too often the kiss of death. Dave’s insights and focus on the ‘seven sins’ provides an astute framework for action." Vice President

     “Innovation? Not products, but relationships. Not processes, but strategy. A wholly innovative approach to innovation, from the sharpest mind in the

      business.” Managing Director

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