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Powering Innovation!


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​​​​​Are you interested in growing sales, share, profits, valuations, people, skills, leaders, and the collective capacity of your enterprise to create and deliver value to customers and other stakeholders? Or perhaps you’re interested in a knock-your-socks-off presentation or keynote that will get you thinking differently about your business, how you engage your team, loving and being loved by your customers. Either way, read on…

Innovation creates value! Innovation is the creation of new value, relative to the value invested in the creation process. Might sound easy, but it’s not, as evidenced by the fact that innovation success rates across all industries are sub 10%. Dr Dave’s experience leading innovations includes commercializing the early internet and achieving global competitive leadership in data communications directly resulting in many $ Billions of shareholder value. As a cofounder and lifetime member of the MIT Innovation Lab, he knows the secret sauces and recipes needed to maximize creativity, and successfully take ideas to reality. According to Roger Lacey, Chief Strategy Officer of 3M, Dr Dave’s highly acclaimed book, The Seven Sins of Innovation: A Strategic Model for Entrepreneurship “elevates the thinking on this crucial subject to the highest level”. Dr Dave has successfully helped a wide variety of organizations to innovate – including digital engagement, e-commerce, technology manufacturing, fintech, legal and financial services, healthcare, hospitality, gaming, entertainment, public sector, education technology, and social enterprises. The key to successful innovation is effective convergence of strategy and psyche – and focusing on love, not just money, as the measure of success. All organizations and brands, in all sectors of human enterprise, need customers who love what’s being offered, and staff who love delivering that value experience. It’s really all about relationships.

  • "Dr Dave has been working with my business developing a new strategy. The process and results have been outstanding, given many more results will accrue longer term. Initially sceptical he could add more value to a business that is already vibrant, he confounded us. The new ideas, business model, innovations and processes have taken us far further in a short space of time than any amount of incremental improvements could have done over a three year period. I strongly recommend any SME looking for growth, innovation and strategic leadership contact Dr Dave to see what he can do for you. Most of us are limited in our thinking about what’s possible; he dispels all that, and gets you to see the whole world as your market, and how to access it!”  James Sale, Owner & Inventor, Motivational Maps Ltd

Brilliant strategies drive success! Dr Dave facilitates creation and implementation of winning strategies for growth, globalization, turnarounds, mergers, acquisitions, exits and more. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt – both as a P&L-responsible leader and as an advisor to hundreds of top leaders. If you don’t have a clear, powerful and engaging purpose, vision and goals – a.k.a. strategy, then WHY do you exist, and WHAT are you trying to achieve? If you don’t know, it’s probably time to pack it in! On the other hand, if you’ve got a great strategy, and it’s just not working, the missing ingredient is the human factor – see below.

  • "Dr Dave came to help us develop our strategy. We thought we knew what we were doing, but he made us think, question our assumptions and then think some more. We ended up with a set of concrete and challenging actions that will take us into a different league – all steered with affable and laid back professionalism. A stimulating, pleasant and value-adding experience.” Jeremy Hamilton, Managing Director, Croft Training Ltd

Effective psychology and culture fuels growth! When the people working within an enterprise, and other key stakeholders are engaged effectively, growth is almost inevitable (it will happen unless there’s a pathetic lack of strategic thinking). Effective investment in, and engagement of people requires understanding of psychology and culture – individual and team behaviour, attitudes, beliefs, motivation and mindsets.  Dr Dave is a PhD and Chartered Psychologist with an impressive track record of improving online and digital engagement, developing leaders and managers, team building, communication and relationships, creativity, cultural transformation, and customer analysis, engagement, influence and experience of value.

  • "I approached Dr Dave hoping he might help improve cohesion within my team of Directors. The results were astounding. After 6 months of working with him, our sales increased by over 20% in a flat market. Digging into it, we found the growth was due to increased customer confidence that buying from us is always the right decision. Our customers were now getting more consistent messages during the sales process, which typically involves communication with different functions within the business. This apparently resulted from improved communication and cohesion within the leadership team, which spread throughout the wider organisation. Overall, the results have been brilliant and exceeded my initial expectations. Dr Dave helped us achieve a higher functioning board and improve business effectiveness and results!” David Jarvis, Managing Director, ebmPapst UK Ltd

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